Craig has represented me in two personal injury claims. He and his staff were both professional and courteous with good results. I would not hesitate to use them again.

-Dan Stokes

The whole staff was caring and professional and went out of their way to help me and make sure all my questions were answered. I have never used a lawyer before and I am glad I was referred to RW&B. I would not go anyplace else.

-Jason Beck

Craig Weston was invaluable in helping me through a very difficult time. I was in my vehicle, stopped for a left turn and was struck from behind by a texting driver going 35+ miles per hour. The car insurance company refused to pay any of my medical bills - even the ambulance and emergency room care immediately after the accident. The insurance company said my injuries were from a previous event.

After about a year of the insurance company refusing to pay my medical bills, and the threats of the bills being sent to a collections agency, I contacted Craig Weston for legal help. He quickly assessed the problem and without a delay went to work on my case.

Craig corresponded numerous times with the insurance company - he never quit! Craig kept me apprised of his progress and he always explained our options and gave me his professional opinion as what was the best path to take.

As an example of his unending support, the insurance company required me to have an independent medical exam, supposedly to prove I was not hurt from the accident. Craig took the time out of his day and drove to Portland to attend the independent medical exam with me. He also arranged for a photographer to video tape the entire exam. Amazingly, the doctor refused to be videotaped! Craig's past experience had shown him that these exams were not for his client's benefit. The doctor's refusal to be recorded proved Craig's thorough understanding of the situation. Immediately afterwards, the insurance company said they would use my primary care physician's medical opinion. The outcome of all this was that Craig got the insurance company to pay medical bills! Exactly what I had asked for!

Throughout the process I was always treated with kindness and respect. It was obvious that Craig continually had my best interest in mind. I never felt that I was just a number or a just another case.

Without any hesitation, I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to Craig. I am sure they would be as happy with his legal expertise as I have been.

-Bruce Stoner

Craig and Debbie,

It means the world to me and my family all your hard work and time you spent on helping us. The money you were able to get for me is really going to help make our wedding very special. Thank you so much.


Jessica Drake

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